Moa is an award winning Scandinavian actress working in film, TV and theatre.

She spent her younger years performing on stage before she decided to move to Iceland to work with horses. At the age of seventeen her passion for acting pulled her back and London became her home for the following three years. 

She is now working world wide with projects currently releasing in the US, Europe and Asia.


Moa will be seen in several international productions in the near future. She is starring as Runa  in the international feature film"The Huntress" (ITN Films, Tirzitis Entertainment) directed by Rasmus Tirzitis,  in US and European cinemas and available on Amazon and SF anytime. She is also playing the lead in "Warrior Women" for BBC, directed by David Bartlett,  as well as  "Blackout" by Kristoffer Berglund., premieres 2020.